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What is the Autumn Glory Tour?

The Autumn Glory Tour is a three-day non-speed, non-timed Touring and Navigation Assembly on open public roads in North East Victoria.

The Tour's showpiece day is the Sunday when you'll tour the length of the Great River Road - it's a driving experience not to be missed through some incredible country. Friday's route takes in the famous autumn colours of Bright, Mt Beauty and Beechworth, while Saturday sees you enjoy the panoramic scenery of the Upper Murray including a foray into NSW and the town of Tumbarumba.

The autumn glory of the region will be on full display in the first week of May. It truly is a time of year not to be missed in North East Victoria.

How does it work?

Choose whether you'll drive one, two or three days, then choose the category you'll drive each day.

The Autumn Glory Tour has three different categories. You can choose any category on any day.

  • The Tour with Observation Test. Follow the routes while noting down your answers to a series of questions that are based upon local sights, points of interest and information boards. It's similar to a scavenger hunt, except you're in your car and your scavenging is for answers, not physical items
  • The Navigational Challenge. This involves drivers and navigators using special maps to complete the routes, with options for Masters and Apprentices levels plus an option to use GPS instructions instead of maps.
  • Just drive! Leave the navigation challenges and observation tests to someone else and just enjoy the act of driving your car along the set route on the Social Run - it's Just for Fun. You'll stop at spectacular lookouts, cruise through towns and villages that burst with colour during autumn, and enjoy the atmosphere of being part of a motoring event with other like-minded people.

What's a Touring and Navigation Assembly?

Good question. If you're not a member of a car club or into motorsport then you probably don't know what a Touring and Navigation Assembly is. In a nutshell, people who love touring in their cars (sometimes special or historic cars but not necessarily) get together to enjoy a day out driving some beautiful, rewarding roads on organised routes, with planned stops for food and drink.

The roads aren't closed and there are no timed sections - normal speed limits and road rules apply. You can just drive, or you can add a little extra interest with observation tests or navigational challenges.

Who can participate?

Entry is open to anyone who would like to participate, in any registered car. This type of motoring event doesn't have the same vehicle eligibility and personal safety equipment requirements that are sometimes needed for motorsport events. There will be plenty of special cars taking part, but this event is for everyone. Bring your partner, a family member or a friend - it's a great introduction to participating in motorsport.

If you love driving and are intrigued by the thought of touring the incredibly scenic roads and towns of North East Victoria during the glory of autumn (and the chance to see plenty of beautiful cars) then we'd love to welcome you for one, two or all three days.


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The incredible colours of autumn in North East Victoria

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